I have found Mandy’s sessions very helpful in making me more self-aware and I find I’m trying to live more ‘in the moment’.

Ann Blackburn, group class student

I find that Mandy’s yoga class is so good for bringing yourself back to yourself.

The importance of breathing, the life-force that we take for granted, is brought to our attention as we do the yoga practice, which I find very beneficial. The yoga posture sequences incorporating breath, and sometimes sound (which is so relaxing), are followed by a relaxation. Mandy adapts the class to what the class needs, perhaps more energising sometimes or more relaxing at other times. I love the breathing or chanting at the end of the class, it is an opportunity to try things that you may not in other classes.

Rachel Glynn, Group Class Student

What a wonderful teacher Mandy is.

Jo Hopkins, group class student

Mandy’s type of yoga is the right one for me as it is not physically too strenuous but puts more emphasis on philosophical interaction, relaxation, breath awareness, meditation. The postures are always combined with breathing, one doesn’t feel one has to compete.

Jutta Tanner, Group class student

About 5 years ago, recovering from serious illness and surgery, I decided to try yoga as part of my self-care. I was very lucky and found Mandy. Mandy is kind, generous, funny and incredibly knowledgeable. She tailors my practice to my changing health and ability, and my classes with her are oases of serenity and good humour which always send me out into the world feeling a whole lot better about life. My strength, flexibility and state of mind have improved massively from Mandy’s instruction, and so has my life. I’m so glad I found the right teacher.

Barbara Kennedy, one to one student

A friendly teacher with a lot of knowledge to share.

Sophie Marette, one to one student

A caring and supportive yoga teacher.

Amanda Visagie, one to one student

A relaxing yoga class I keep going back to.

Mica Hirosawa, group class student

Mandy is a guru in the making – a gifted teacher who gets to the heart of yoga.

Josie Ballin, group class student

I always walk home with a smile on my face.

Andrea Dohman, group classes and one to one student